HobartScots7Hobart Chamber Orchestra first performed at Scots Memorial Church in the very early 1990s. The Orchestra used the stone building to the rear of the church as a “green room”.  Built in 1824 and attributed to W. Wilson, this was St Andrews Church, the oldest Presbyterian Church building in Australia. In the 1990s the building also served as a museum with many artifacts and documents of the churches early history in Tasmania.

 The main church building in regular use today is an Early Gothic stone and slate roofed building designed by J.E. Addison, and built 1834-6 with smooth façade and packed sides, featuring a central tower like parapet and four small spires. [he Heritage of Australia – The Illustrated Register of the National Estate by: Australian Heritage Commission. Published: The Macmillan Company of Australia p/l  1981 ]

The fabric screen façade was placed in the early 1990s. During the last restoration of the organ, the fabric screen replaced an elaborate Victorian pipe façade. The then minister thought the organ was “the work of the devil” and had the facade removed. [http://www.ohta.org.au/organs/organs/HobartScots.html]